I really appreciate saving money when I shop or eat out. This is a great benefit from my college!

How It Works for Alumni Organizations

Your alumni organization is probably the most important link that connects grads back to the college they attended.  You already know that school loyalty is the strongest factor in keeping alumni connected.  So why should you consider adopting ALUMNI PREFERRED PARTNERSsm?  Because surveys have shown that alumni discount benefits programs that save people money rank in the top three reasons that grads value their alumni associations.

ALUMNI PREFERRED PARTNERSsm is a customized alumni discount benefits program that brings your members the most relevant local and national retail discounts.  The program is a great way to help you attract and retain members.

Here is how it works:

  • We create a custom-made alumni discount benefits program for your members to save money, based upon your interests and priorities.  These discounts will be available for a full year, and have the potential to save an individual more than $1,000 per year.
  • The discounts are listed on the ALUMNI PREFERRED PARTNERSsm website.  Your organization will have its own landing page on the site, accented with your school colors and association logo.
  • To redeem the discounts, members show their alumni association member card, when making a purchase.
  • Your organization promotes the program through your normal means of communication with grads and members.
  • Businesses will display decals indicating that they participate in the program.
  • Your annual fee helps to cover the costs of providing the program to your organization.

For detailed information about ALUMNI PREFERRED PARTNERSsm, please contact us at 1-800-354-8150 or, send us an email at support@collegiateservices.org.